The Interior

“Cabin 10” Entrance – upstairs front bedroom.
“Cabin 10” Layout – 2 queen beds.
“Gone Fishin” Entrance – upstairs bedroom.
“Gone Fishin” Layout – 1 double bed.
“Yacht Club” Layout – upstairs bedroom – 1 double and 1 twin.
“Lighthouse Room” Entrance – Downstairs bedroom.
“Lighthouse Room” Layout – 1 Double bed.
Dining Room with view of kitchen to the right and den through the front windows.
Dining room looking through the porch windows.
Have a seat, enjoy the view, a hobby, a book.
Large family room with plenty of seating and an incredible view down the lake.
Artistic rendering of the Cobbossee Hideaway, painted by a family member.
Wooden carving of a trophy trout caught by the then-owner of the camp.
Family room at night is just as cozy.
Bunk room offers six additional single beds according to the season.